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About Smart Cities Group

Smart Cities Group supports the growth of the smart cities industry by positioning itself centrally in three key roles between producers and consumers, lenders and borrowers, inventors and investors, and between city officials and citizens. The smart cities industry is estimated to be over $900 billion world wide and growing at 19.8% annually and expected to surpass $3 trillion by 2026. Smart Cities Group is built on a localized hub platform within urban centers throughout the world.

Smart Cities Group Education supports education initiatives that prosper the smart cities industry forming relationships with schools and universities and the public and private sector to create real world curriculums that mutually benefit the schools, the companies, the city and the students.

Key Stakeholder Relationships

  • Academic Advisors / Professors

  • R&D Projects

  • Universities and Governing Bodies


Smart Cities Group Marketing is able to support suppliers and producers of smart city technologies through third party sellers on a commission or contract basis allowing a company to extend its reach through Smart Cities Group's localized markets throughout the world.

Key Relationships

  • Companies Expanding to New Markets

  • CMO's, Heads of Marketing and Creatives

  • Technology / Service Providers


Smart Cities Group Innovation supports innovation through relationships with investors and institutions that can support inventors. SCG also provides consulting services for the purposes of innovation from the inventor to the broadscale city level.

Key Stakeholder Relationships

  • Active Investors

  • Technology Solutions

  • R&D Projects


Smart Cities Group Events supports municipalities and companies, providing a platform for city officials to engage citizens directly and showcase the city's efforts to implement new technologies. SCG Events also offers companies a platform to present their products and services to consumers, professionals and communities of interest.

Past and Notable Attendees

  • Government Officials 

  • R&D Projects

  • Product Demonstrators 

News, Reports and Industry Updates

About Smart Cities Group

We're a network built to help Smart City initiatives succeed both locally and overseas. At Smart Cities Group we mutually bring together stakeholders from government, industry, venture capital and the startup world to connect, develop and effectively deploy smart cities technologies.

Premier Announcement - Live Web Event 

June 29, 2021 at 5:30 - 6:30 pm (EST)