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Smart Cities Group supports the growth of the smart cities industry by positioning itself centrally in three key roles between producers and consumers, lenders and borrowers, inventors and investors, and city officials and citizens. The smart cities industry is estimated to be over $900 billion worldwide and growing at 19.8% annually and is expected to surpass $3 trillion by 2026. Smart Cities Group is built on a localized hub platform within urban centers throughout the world.

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the team

William Tewelow

Chairman of the Board

Don Rondeau 2.jpg

Don L. Rondeau

President and Chief Executive Officer


States, cities, townships, counties, academic Institutions, Fortune 1000 companies, military installations, government facilities, commercial and residential construction companies, home builders, federal, state, local, tribal, and territories, and general contractors.

Sectors Served

Chemical                                                     Emergency Services        

Commercial Facilities                                 Energy

Communications                                        Financial

Critical Manufacturing                               Food & Agriculture

Dams                                                           Government Facilities

Defense industrial Base                             Healthcare & Public Health

Information Technology                            Transportation System

Water & Wastewater                                  Pollution Mitigation Strategies


Smart City Evaluation, Sector-Specific Evaluations, Assessments, and Project Plans

Smart Cities Group is an international Smart City corporation. We design, create and manage smart systems, and processes that establish the innovative synergy required to improve safety, security, economics, health, and overall quality of life for the citizens of the municipalities that we serve. Our approach is grounded in international standards, and cutting-edge technology built on an established solid framework. We provide a host of smart services and tools including our award-winning Smart City Assessments. The one thousand points plus assessment measures the efficacy of relevant systems, plans, processes, and functions. The output of the assessment is compared against the

"smartest" cities in the world. Clients receive sectors, industry and function scores, dashboard, and action plans needed to effect change. SCG plans can positively impact the bond rating and the ability to raise capital.


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